Astelia Silver Spear (1)

Through our love and passion for plants in New Zealand gardens, we have formulated a more customer friendly and information based method of helping people design and nurture their garden plants. Gardening Solutionz is all about providing a solution to your gardening needs.

If you want a plant to hide nosey neighbours or needs a plant for a formal border – we have Hedging Solutionz
If you want a plant to brighten up your garden or pots with a spot of colour – we have Colour Solutionz

Each of our labels is uniquely coded on the front with a Solutionz button which illustrated what Solutionz the plant will fulfil in a garden.

Phormium Dark Delight Label Front. Grevillea-Mt-Tamboritha label

Choisya-Ternata Corokia-Frosted-Chocolate