The Ruffles Lavender series feature a gorgeous range of flower colours which smother the plant for a long period from late winter through till early summer. Ruffles Lavender have been bred with the specific intention of achieving a compact and neat habit ensuring the Ruffles are a very useful garden companion. These are quick growing and great in pots, mixed with other perennials in the flower garden or even as a small clipped hedge. Prefers full sun and a well drained site. Do not allow to dry out over prolonged periods of heat. A light prune after main flowering flush followed by another during late summer will encourage a bushy habit and repeat flowering. Ruffles Blueberry, Blushberry (new release this season), Pinkberry, Plumberry, Purpleberry, Razzleberry and Vanillaberry are grown under licence in New Zealand.

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