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Hebe Emerald Gem

Hebe Emerald Gem

Hebe Emerald Gem

This compact evergreen Hebe forms oval domes of bright green tightly packed foliage with dainty clusters of white flowers appearing in summer. This is a plant that is known for its low maintenance habit and happy in the sun or semi shade in well drained soils. For an eye-catching feature, you may plant in groups, as a border, or alongside grasses, flaxes and heucheras. This plant is approximately eighteen months old when it reaches the garden centre and will double its size over the next two years, growing to a height of 0.45 metres by 0.25 metres if desired.

The following excerpt appeared in The Press newspaper August 2008:
Hebe Emerald Gem is one tough little number and it appears time and time again in landscape plans as a proven winner. With more species than any other genus of New Zealand plants, hebes are known for their adaptable and uncomplaining nature. Our pick this month, Hebe Emerald Gem forms naturally into a ball; its almost cushion like appearance looks closely clipped without any effort on the gardener's behalf. When its crisp green foliage is covered with dainty clusters of white flowers in summer it looks like a pin cushion.

Planted en masse or singularly in a container, this is one hebe that is sure to please. At just 30 cm high, Emerald Gem is a great contrast with ground cover and succulents. In a native planting plan, its mounding form will provide interest. For a bit of pizzazz, try planting it beside bold foliage accent plants such as the brillant Libertia Taupo Blaze or Phormium Jester and Yellow Wave. If stones are your thing, then try planting this hebe alongside the low growing bright-green Scleranthus biflorus with a light coloured gravel or stone chips covering the soil.

Mature Size

0.45m x 0.25m shrub

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