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Watering Your Plants

Generally, most plants need regular water to survive. The general rule of thumb is most garden plants require a good watering twice a week.

The best time to water is morning or early evening as this will help reduce water evaporation on hot days.

A good, long soak is more beneficial than a light watering as it encourages the plant’s root system to seek out cooler temperatures and ground water. Otherwise, the roots tend to stay on the surface of the soil.

With water being a precious resource it is a good idea to make sure only the plants in the garden are being watered, and not the paths and driveways! There are plenty of excellent sprinklers which help restrict the water to certain areas. In the cooler months you may find your garden does not require any watering.

Remember, different soils have different watering needs.

Watering Tips

Water when it is cool and not windy to help minimise the evaporation of water before it soaks into the soil. On hillside gardens don't apply water faster than it can get into the soil so only small amounts will penetrate the surface area. During dry weather, briefly submerge you pot plants in water which will ensure that the water reaches all of the soil and roots. You should only water when the soil is dry or only just moist.  Dig down with a trowel to check. Some plants will naturally wilt on hot days and watering plants under stress may burn leaves.

Water Saving

Water saving products such as Saturaid increase plants' health and vigour whilst ensuring spread of water down to the roots.  Saturaid is a granular wetting agent that helps to spread water evenly through the soil and potting mixes.  Sometimes, when your soil dries out (eg under the eves of your house) or your potting mix dries out (in containers and baskets) it becomes 'hydrophobic'.  This means that it appears to repel water so that when you do water, it runs straight off the top or down the inside of the pot and out the bottom!  When you apply Saturaid wetting granules and water them in you will see the Saturaid activate immediately and spread water throughout the potting mix or soil deep into the root zone.

Benefits of Saturaid:

  • Spreads water like blotting paper throughout the soil and potting mix
  • Channels water down to the root zone
  • Saves time and water
  • Works for up to six months
  • Easy to use

Gardening Tips

Choose plants to suit your garden's conditions e.g choose drought tolerant Hot 'n' Dry Solutionz plants for dry areas.

Mulch acts as a sunscreeen for the soil, it retains moisture and reduces the need to water.

Be waterwise in your garden - it is a precious resource!