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Plant Food

We recommend the fabulous Tui range of Plant Food

Apply compost, mulch and fertilizer on a regular basis to keep your plant’s immune systems strong. Check the instructions on the bags as to application requirements. We recommend the Tui range of fertilizer and Nitrophoska, Phostrogen, Debco and mulching media as your choice. 

Tui Super Sheep
Tui Super Sheep is a high quality blend of natural sheep pellets and Nitrophoska Blue compound fertiliser to give your garden an instant boost while naturally conditioning the soil.

Your garden will obtain sustained growth throughout the season because of the initial fast acting Nitrophoska in addition to the long lasting fertilizers.  The natural sheep pellets break down over time adding organic matter back to the soil - which is used during the growing process.

Tui Super Sheep can be used throughout the garden year round to care for your trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, flowers and vegetables.  If you are planting up your garden bed use Super Sheep alongside Tui Vegetable Mix and Pea Straw to ensure your veggie patch grows to its full potential.



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