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Managing Pests ‘n’ Diseases

Pests and disease can appear at different times of the year. Watch for any changes in your plants growth habit and act quickly when you see the first signs of damage.

Quick action can help prevent bigger problems later on.

Tui Garden Products has introduced a new friend for your garden - the new Tui ECO-RANGE delivers safe, natural pest and disease management to your vegetable and ornamental garden; the natural answer to your garden  problems.

Three products are available in this range:

  • ECO-PEST - a non toxic botanical oil based miticide/insecticide
  • ECO-FUNGICIDE - plant disease control that won't upset your gardens eco system
  • ECO-FERT - a natural health tonic for plants

Sometimes gardeners use chemicals to control pests and diseases.  These can be hazardous if used, stored or disposed of incorrectly.  Insecticides, herbicides and fungicides can help keep your garden looking great, but there are other techniques you can use:

'Companion planting' works on the theory that certain kinds of plants grow best when planted together.  Some plants have a naturally deterrent effect on predators, and other plants attract helpful insects. 

To reduce the risks from chemicals:

  • Purchase only the quantity you need to do the job and avoid storing large quantites or mixtures of chemicals.  Store incompatible chemicals separately.
  • To avoid fires and adverse chemical reactions, keep oxidising agents, such as nitrate fertilizers and chlorine based swimming pool chemicals separate from flammable materials such as methylated spirits and kerosene, and from certain fungicides (EDBC) which, when wet will generate heat.
  • Make sure all chemicals are properly labelled and stored in their original containers, preferably with child proof caps.  Keep them well out of the reach of children and away from food.
  • Follow the mixing and application instructions on the label.  Wear protective clothing when advised and use any other necessary protective equipment, such as a respirator.
  • Apply the spray when the air is still to avoid the chance of spray damage to other areas of the garden and neighbouring properties.
  • Ask your local authority about the safest way to dispost of unused chemicals.  They should not be poured into waste-water or stormwater drains.

For further advice contact your local Gardening Solutionz retailer or alternatively you may contact us by emailing any questions you may have.  If you have any questions please ask us at contact us.  All that is left to do is enjoy your garden and watch it flourish!