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Maintenance & Pruning

Gardening Solutionz™ plants do not need a lot of special care to thrive in your garden. However by providing a few basic needs, your plants will reward you with healthy growth.


Generally, most plants need regular water to survive. The general rule of thumb is most garden plants require a good watering twice a week. The best time to water is morning or early evening as this will help reduce water evaporation on hot days.

A good, long soak is more beneficial than a light watering as it encourages the plant’s root system to seek out cooler temperatures and ground water. Otherwise, the roots tend to stay on the surface of the soil.

With water being a precious resource it is a good idea to make sure only the plants in the garden are being watered, and not the paths and driveways! There are plenty of excellent sprinklers which help restrict the water to certain areas. In the cooler months you may find your garden does not require any.


This is probably one of a gardeners most disliked jobs. However, just remember a small weed problem is likely to be twice the problem the following week, therefore twice as much work. Keep your garden well weeded. It will not only look better but your precious plants are not competing for food and water. Also, weeds harbor many unwanted pests. If you wish to use a chemical control, enquire at your local Gardening Solutionz retailer and remember to follow the instructions very carefully. Always ensure weed control chemicals DO NOT come in contact with your plants.


Apply compost, mulch and fertilizer on a regular basis to keep your plant’s immune systems strong. Check the instructions on the bags as to application requirements. We recommend the Tui range of fertilizer and mulching media as your choice.

Tui Gardening Products

Pests ‘n’ Diseases

Pests and disease can appear at different times of the year. Watch for any changes in your plants growth habit and act quickly when you see the first signs of damage. Quick action can help prevent bigger problems later on. For further advice contact your local Gardening Solutionz retailer or alternatively you may contact us by e-mailing any questions you may have.

If you have any questions please ask us at contact us.

All that is left to do is enjoy your garden and watch it flourish!