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Plant Care

Every Gardening Solutionz™ plant comes with it's own unique plant care instructions on the label. In addition we have created this part of our website to build a plant care resource for New Zealand gardeners

Container Planting

Containers offer us gardeners endless opportunities to express ourselves with imagination and flair. You can create a colourful area very quickly. The vast range of pots and containers now available in Garden Centres is wonderful. Now the only difficultly is choosing which pot you want.

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Managing Pests ‘n’ Diseases

Pests and disease can appear at different times of the year. Watch for any changes in your plants growth habit and act quickly when you see the first signs of damage.

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Maintenance & Pruning

Gardening Solutionz™ plants do not need a lot of special care to thrive in your garden. However by providing a few basic needs, your plants will reward you with healthy growth.

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Plant Food

We recommend the fabulous Tui range of Plant Food

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Plants And Frost

A saving grace in your garden, when the winter chills are upon is, may well be the knowledge of the tolerance of your plants.

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Planting Your Gardening Solutionz™ Plants

Accurate planting is essential to help your Gardening Solutionz™ plant get off to a good start. Follow the easy guidelines below:

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Watering Your Plants

Generally, most plants need regular water to survive. The general rule of thumb is most garden plants require a good watering twice a week.

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Weeding Your Garden

This is probably one of a gardeners most disliked jobs. However, just remember a small weed problem is likely to be twice the problem the following week, therefore twice as much work.

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Safer Gardening & Legionnaires Disease

This guide provides some simple and natural steps that all gardeners can take to reduce risk while continuing to enjoy their garden.

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